Should I get stem cell injections in Canada or go abroad for those treatments?

Mesenchymal stem cell injections can be accessed through a Health Canada approved study within Canada or by going to the USA or Asia or South American countries. The advantages of staying in Canada include the ability to save time and money (travel, procedure, hotel) as well as enhanced safety. Health Canada approved studies have to meet higher safety standards than a typical medical procedure in a clinic. Also, in the event of any post-procedure complications, it is much easier to return to the doctor who performed the procedure for re-assessment.

The downside to Health Canada approved trials is that they are more restrictive than a typical medical practice. For example, all the studies approved in Canada focus on Osteoarthritis and therefore if you are interested in trying stem cell injections for a different medical condition you would have to travel outside the country. Also, in some cases, there are limits on which joints can be injected and how many joints can be injected.

Finally, there are many types of stem cell procedures, and if you are looking for a very specific type of stem cell procedure it may not be available in Canada.